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CISA Padlocks offer an excellent solution to any end user with a high security application in mind. The CISA Padlock range has locks that are perfect for Containers, Gates, Doors, Roller Shutters and Barriers.  All of our padlocks are manufactured by CISA in Italy and have an unrivalled reputation across the globe for providing high security without breaking the bank.

The CISA 285 75 and CISA 285 66 padlocks are ideal for use with containers. The 66 and 75 model locks have been designed to fit perfectly inside container lock boxes and are probably the most common lock used in the container and self storage industry in the UK. Self storage sites and container hire outfits can benefit from the keying alike, master keying and key recording services that are available on these CISA padlocks.

Otherwise known as C-shaped padlocks, shutter padlocks and block-locks, the CISA sliding shackle padlocks are made from solid, hardened steel and have a solid hardened steel shackle, which lends them perfectly to the high security requirement of locking a container. The CISA 285 75 and 285 66 models also have an anti-pick mechanism and anti-saw shackle. As well as being used on containers, these sliding shackle padlocks are equally common on roller shutters (particularly Italy) and gates, as the C shape of the lock leaves very little shackle on show for any potential attack.

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