Storage Container HireStorage Container Hire – Increase your available storage space with short-term or long-term container hire

Do you have an on-going construction project at home? Does your business need a place to store surplus stock during the busiest sales period of the year? Whether you require a storage solution for a week or for several years, a storage container hired from Northern Containers is a cost-effective and flexible way to get the extra storage space that you need.

“Flexible” means for as long as you need it and delivered to you when you need it. Container hires are invoiced on a “rolling” monthly basis meaning you do not need to have a rigid timescale for your project to take a container on hire. Our container hires are subject to a minimum charge of four weeks but you can return the unit within this period if you no longer need it. If you wish to be invoiced over a different period (for example quarterly, bi-annually or annually) please discuss this with a member of our sales and hire team.

The most common sizes of storage container (10’, 20’, 30’, 40’) are generally readily available to hire although we tend to carry lower stocks of 30’ units. Other sizes are available from time to time so please contact us to enquire about our current hire stock. All hire containers are fitted with a lockbox (a steel shroud which protects the lock from would-be intruders) and a CISA container lock can be supplied on request.

We will arrange for your hire container to be delivered and positioned using a lorry-mounted crane (HIAB) by one of our network of professional hauliers. Our trusted haulage contractors have delivered thousands of hire containers to satisfied customers on behalf of Northern Containers and if they can’t do it, it probably can’t be done.

In those cases where we have doubts regarding access your site or lifting off of your container it may be advisable to arrange a site visit to ensure your hire unit can be delivered and positioned. This prevents you from being charged for an unsuccessful container delivery, however, a lot of “tricky” deliveries can be assessed using Google Earth without the need for a physical site visit.

A few things to consider when planning your container delivery

  • Does the driver require any documentation (E.g. Risk Assessment) before working on your site?

  • Do you own the land vehicles must use for access from the public highway and the land where the container will be sited? If not do you have rights of access and permission to use the siting area?

  • Is the site accessed through a gate? If so, what is the height and width of the gateway? What are the largest vehicles that regularly access the site?

  • Are access and delivery areas completely hard standing? (Unless agreed prior to delivery our drivers will not drive over grass or muddy areas) If this is not mentioned beforehand and the driver aborts the delivery you are liable for the cost of the unsuccessful delivery.

  • Are there any overhead obstructions? E.g. Cables, Trees, Bridges, Arches.

  • Are there any obstacles that the container must be lifted over? E.g. Hedges, Walls, Fences or other obstacles.

  • Is there a requirement for traffic control to allow access or positioning from the public highway?

  • Can the container be delivered immediately to the side of and parallel to the vehicle?

  • Is there enough room on site for the vehicle to manoeuvre? (Taking into account the size of the container

  • There may be a number of reasons preventing a container from being positioned on your site, from a simple lack of space to limited access preventing a lorry from gaining entry. If you still have a requirement for storage but having a container at your own premises is not feasible, it may be time for you to consider self-storage.