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When it comes to shipping and storage container sales Northern Containers have more than 25 years of experience to draw upon. We carry extensive stocks of one-trip containers and used containers in the most common sizes and types. Our sale containers (suitable for shipping or storage) are ready to be delivered or collected from our depot in Stourton, Leeds.

The standard factory-built container sizes are 20’ and 40’, meaning these are the only sizes suitable for shipping. Containers sold for shipping are inspected and CSC certified to ensure they meet the required standards to be shipped on a container vessel.

After the standard 20’ and 40’ size containers, 10’ and 30’ containers are the most commonly used sizes for storage. As a result we often have units of these sizes in stock and available for collection or delivery.

Are you trying to get the most out of the area available at your premises? Maybe the goods you are storing are too big for a 20’ to be suitable but you only have 25’ of space? In our Leeds workshop Northern Containers can fabricate any bespoke size of container up to 40’ to suit your requirements using a new or used unit.

Should you require something more than the standard “general-purpose” container we stock a range of “special” units in 20’ and 40’ variants. These can be used as shipping or storage containers. Hi-Cube containers may be cut down to your specified size however doing so will make them unsuitable for shipping.

  • Hi-Cube – A container with external height 9’6” rather than the standard 8’ 6”.

  • Double-Door or “Tunnel-Tainer” – A container with two sets of cargo doors, one at each end.

  • Side-Access – A container with cargo doors at one end as well as folding doors down one full side.

  • Open-Top – A container with a roof covered by bows and a tarpaulin rather than a steel panel roof. Open-top containers with a hinged hardtop exist however these are rare.

  • More detailed dimensions for each size and type of container can be found here.

    If your storage requirements are a little more “out of the ordinary” then we can help you. Our extensive workshop facility specialises in carrying out bespoke conversion and fabrication work to sale containers to match your specification. See “conversions” for more details or contact us by telephone or email for a quote based on your precise container requirements.

    What does “One-Trip” mean?

    One-Trip containers have carried one load of cargo from their place of manufacture (typically China and East Asia) to the UK. “One-Trip” containers are often referred to as “new” and this is because they are the closest to a “new” container that can be found in the UK, despite having been used once for cargo.

    Used containers have generally spent a minimum of 12 years in service for shipping lines or leasing companies carrying cargo around the world on container vessels. As a result they vary in cosmetic condition however all of our used storage containers are in guaranteed wind and watertight condition and are fitted with a lock-box for added security unless otherwise specified by you.

    Because we acquire used containers from a number of sources there is often (but not always) a range of colours in stock. Should we not have a suitable colour available we offer a container repainting service and will repaint your unit in the colour of your choice. Whether the aim is to blend in or to stand out, contact Northern Containers for a personalised quotation today.