Northern ContainersWe Buy Containers – Contact us today to see if we can turn your unwanted or unused container back into money

At Northern Containers we are always interested in purchasing used containers of any size or type. We will offer you a fair purchase price based on their current market value and taking into account the condition of any containers you have for sale.

If you have containers that are surplus to requirements and you think that we would be interested in buying them from you then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please try to provide us with as much information as you can about the condition of any units you wish to sell, this will help us to make the most fair and accurate valuation of the containers. Sending photographs of the containers can help us to make an accurate assessment without needing to inspect them at your premises. When sending photo’s please try to include images of (where possible):

  • The doors
  •                                              All 3 remaining sides
  •                                              Internal condition: particularly the roof and the floor of the unit
  •                                              The external condition of the roof
  •                                              Any obviously damaged areas that may need repairs and
  •                                              could affect the value of the container.