Container Conversion for Roundhay Allotment Society

We've recently completed another container conversion, made from a 3 x 20 ft new one trip container for Roundhay Allotment Society. They required space for a shop, a shop store and a tool store. At Norcon we converted the container to include a shop with a glass window and glass fronted door, which was fully insulated and boarded with white MFC. The shop store was also fully insulated and boarded. We supplied electrics to all 3 units, consisting of sockets, strip lights & a wall heater.  All groundworks & foundations were completed by Northern Containers Ltd, along with siting & fixing together onsite. Another great container conversion project!


container conversion roundhay


Modified Container Project - September 2019

One of our regular customers approached us with an issue they were experiencing that needed resolving. The equipment they needed to house would not fit into a regular 40' container which they normally use, so they required a custom modification for their container. The team at Northern Containers got to work; by using a donor container we managed to extend the 40' container to 45'.


We then fitted an emergency exit door, fitted a considerable amount of Unistrut to the interior of the container, repainted the exterior in their fleet colours and finally spray foamed the interior. A job well done and a very happy client! 



What are the benefits of storage containers?

Storage containers can be used for almost anything. A lot of people think that you can only use storage containers for storage but there are so many other uses for them. There are also a lot of benefits of having a shipping container, here are a few:

Containers are made from solid steel so you would expect them to be sturdy and be able to withstand any extreme weather. They have to be built this way because they could be transported overseas so need to be able to cope with the stormy sea weather.

Containers are affordable and worth the price because they will last so long once you have purchased them. We also do offer a container hire service so that makes having a container even more affordable. You can come and take a look at our containers as we are the only storage container company to have our own yard in Leeds.

Our storage containers can be easily transported from one place to another. We have depots all around the country which you can see by looking at our depot locator page. Containers are transported by using a haulage vehicle.

We at Northern containers supply a wide range of container accessories. You can add extra security measures such as locks, we could also add container stairs and rails to the side of your container if you want multiple containers on top of each other. Accessories on your container make it personalised and you should personalise it for your business.

Storage containers come in a range of sizes including 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft containers. They are an amazing idea to use for more storage if you’re running out of space. You could also put multiple containers together to create an even bigger space.

If you plan on getting a container then you should definitely use us. We have been around for 20 years and still have the same yard from when we started out 20 years ago. We are the only company in Leeds to have our own yard. Contact Northern Containers today.

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