Container Conversions

When it comes to shipping containers, it’s easy to see them as metal containers that are only useful for transporting and storing goods. To us, they are so much more, offering spaces that can be transformed into new projects and venues.

That’s why we specialise in container conversions, offering a full turnkey service that involves redesigning a container, installing amenities such as water and electricity and building new foundations from the ground up.

So, what you can do with container conversions?

  • Add personnel doors, windows and vents
  • Install roller shutter doors
  • Add internal partitions, ply-lining and insulation
  • Run electrical services such as plug sockets, light fittings and heater
  • Fit timber or metal racking
  • Convert into stables or equine stores
  • Install catering and canteen units
  • Protect with marine compliant coating
  • There's no end to container conversions!

Containers make for a cost effective and customisable conversion due their vast size and modular shapes. Our container conversions team are experts and can advise you on the best ways to get excellent use out of your conversion.

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Temporary Modular Container Conversions
Container Conversions
Temporary Modular Container Conversions

Container Conversion Specialists

At our on-site workshop, we carry out a vast spectrum of container conversions. If you have a project in mind, trust our experienced team to use the highest quality materials and highest level of workmanship.

A container can be a valuable additional asset to your premises, as an easily accessible storage facility, site office or break room


What are the benefits of container conversions?

  • Converted containers offer a unique space that can become part of a local community, drumming up new business and connecting people from various backgrounds
  • Shipping containers come in various sizes, so you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to converting them into new facilities
  • Converting a container into a place to work can be more cost-effective than renting an office
  • Durable and sturdy, containers offer protection against all kinds of weather extremes and can be used at exhibitions or displays

What can you convert a container into?

  • An office space
  • Gym
  • Canteen unit
  • Pop up shop
  • A classroom
  • An exhibition space

What kind of shipping container conversions do we offer?

Containex containers

Among the most durable containers, Containex containers are available in various sizes and come with security and electrical fittings.

We can provide an extensive makeover to the container, installing new windows, bringing in plumbing and whatever else is needed to create your ideal venue.

Containex plus

Larger than average Containex containers, this version provides even more room and endless conversion possibilities. We could help you convert a Containex plus container into a mini café fitted out with electrical appliances and heating.

Sustainable energy container conversions

Whether it’s a small or large container, we also offer a conversion service that utilises natural energy sources such as solar power. For example, we can help to install solar panels on top of a container.

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